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2 min readJun 19, 2021

A pandemic book boom is underway after Australians took advantage of lockdown to write, with a Brisbane-based publisher signing double the number of first-time authors in the last 12 months.

Ocean Reeve Publishing (ORP) is helping writers have their manuscripts published, using a world-first book marketing mentoring program developed in Queensland. It coaches authors through every step of the book marketing journey in an age where author ownership over marketing is a necessity.

The independent publisher was founded by Ocean Reeve four years ago and helps to bridge an industry gap by offering an alternative to the uncertainty of self-publishing and likely rejection from big publishing houses.

“Fundamentally, everyone has a book in them. We’ve heard this for years and the pandemic brought this out of more people than usual,” Ocean Reeve said.

“Many Aussies took to the keyboards for the first-time during lockdown, while around 50–60% of our new authors had manuscripts written pre-COVID. The pandemic prompted them to pull them out, dust them off, and then publish.

“We give authors control while mentoring and supporting them through the entire publishing process so they’re not floundering in the highly competitive book market. Our world-first tailored book marketing mentoring program provides guidance on everything from pre-selling their books, effectively launching it on and offline, and then creating the necessary awareness for their book both here in Australia and internationally.”

Mr Reeve said first-time authors were across a broad demographic.

“Everyone from stay-at-home mums to self-help gurus, business leaders, victims of crime, and fiction writers are now discovering they can fulfill their dream of being a published author,” Mr Reeve said.

In honour of its unique offering, ORP was this month announced the winner of the APAC Enterprise Award for Best Australasian Independent and Self-Publishing Company in 2021.

“To be recognised by an international organisation like APAC is immensely exciting. It helps highlight how successful and prominent the indie author scene is and how companies, like ours, are not only listening to what authors need but meeting those needs,” Mr Reeve said.

“We’ve worked with 560 authors and published more than 350 books over the last four years.

A few of these authors have had their books picked up internationally, won awards and some are on their second and third print runs.”

Ocean Reeve is available for interview to talk about the COVID-inspired book boom in Australia and offer advice to new authors.



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